Monday, March 30, 2009

An Amazing Giveaway!

So, there is this crazy "pettiskirt frenzy" going on right now and a fellow blogger has jumped on the bandwagon.... but, she is doing something really crazy- she's giving them away! In a contest, that is. Check out her blog for a chance to enter and win this darling black pettiskirt modeled by her daughter who just happens to be cute as a button! You can check it out here. After you are taken to her blog, just post a comment and then create a link back to her to enter! Simple as that! Contest ends 4/8/09.

And...if you don't win (warning: shameless plug coming), you can always order one from Kerri's Kreations! Or, if you are handy with the sewing machine, you can check out my pettiskirt tutorial which she was kind enough to blog about!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Husbands... Gotta Love Em'

So on Friday evening, my beloved husband says to me over dinner "Hey honey, can you do me a favor?" As much as I love my husband, for some reason, those words always make me cringe because a simple favor request from him could potentially have me moving mountains! Reluctantly I say "sure honey, what is it?" and he says "well, I have these clients that are really important to me and their daughter is turning 1 year old tomorrow, we were invited to the party, but since we have to go to the school carnival, I thought you could just "whip" up a gift and we could drop it by on the way."

Now, let it be known, that it is dinner time Friday night, my son's school carnival starts at 10:00 AM the next day, which by the way, I am also volunteering at his class booth, I still have to clear the table, wash the dinner dishes, wash the kids, read a bedtime story, be read a bedtime story (my son is reading on his own and now likes to read me bedtime stories- he claims he's paying me back for all the times I read to him), help brush teeth (being sure to use the "Cool Agent Blue"), make sure both kids have gone potty, tuck each one into bed while pretending to make stuff animals talk, do good night hugs and kisses, start the laundry for the upcoming week, clean up all the toys, etc. that the kids somehow "forgot" to pick up before dinner and yet, he wants me to "whip" up a gift in time to drop it by the client's house and still get to the carnival by 9:45 in the morning! Just to humor him I say "well, what did you have in mind?" His reply: "Oh, I don't know. I thought maybe a tutu and a matching onesie with her monogram and maybe one of those cute little appliques you like to do, something like that." Did I mention that I really DO love my husband...even in times like these!
Well, needless to say, I didn't want to disappoint, so I quickly began moving those mountains and this is what I came up with- just in the nick of time! Hope you like it...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perfect Pettiskirts

It's spring time again, the perfect time to pull out those fabulous pettiskirts in all of those luscious colors! I myself have been so busy making them for others, that I have neglected my very own little princess, so I decided to sit down and start one just for her. It will be fuchsia with brown trim and I can't wait to get it done since I have not had the opportunity to make this color combination yet! I was finally able to convince my chiffon source to start stocking chocolate brown chiffon (well, maybe it wasn't all me- but I like to think so after the numerous phone calls and emails I sent them asking the "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stock brown, it's the most requested color!") So when they finally go it in stock- I immediately ordered 50 yards and I can't wait to dig into it!

I have also recently written my own eBook/tutorial titled "Make Your Own Boutique Pettiskirt", and it is now for sale on my website. You can find it here: Pettiskirt Tutorial It contains over 30 full color photos and step by step instructions that are easy to follow! I will also answer questions you might have via email once your purchase the tutorial! I decided to do this because I was getting A LOT of emails every week asking me questions about making a pettiskirt, and although I am always happy to help out my fellow moms, sewers, and creative minds, I was spending a lot time answering these emails and it was starting to take away from my studio time! With a little convincing from my husband, who kindly reminded me of how much time I've spent perfecting my method of making my pettiskirts and how much time I've spent posting the "gist of it" in several sewing forums plus the countless email questions I have answered regarding the subject, I decided to sit down a write the tutorial, and 4 weeks and several dozen revisions- I'm finally finished! It was a labor of love, and I hope anyone who purchases it will find it easy to follow and fun to use!

That's all for now- Happy Spring!


Above photo courtesy of : Courtney Vickers Photography

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank You and Happy Holidays

So, this bloggin' thing is not as easy as I thought! Between being wife, mother & home-maker plus volunteering at 2 different schools, and running a business, well, let's just say I don't know how all of you WAHM's do it! I often find myself working in my studio at 2AM and thinking "what am I doing? I have to be up in 4 hours!"

However, I could not pass up the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and give a personal "THANK YOU" to all of those who helped
Kerri's Kreations have a great year! As an extension of that thank you, I would like to offer a special discount to my loyal customers. Follow the link below to receive a 15% discount off of your total purchase at Kerri's Kreations. You must follow the link to receive the discount in your shopping cart! This offer will be good until January 1st 2009!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"A Photo Shoot in the Park"

This past Thursday I spent the morning with a fellow "working mommy". She is an amazing local photographer and was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to do a photo shoot for my website in exchange for some of my hand made pettiskirts. She had some of her friends bring their little cuties to model some of my items and we had a really great time! Her photos are fantastic, take at look at her website:

"Heart Breaker" tulle petti skirt and matching tank

Custom made "Chiffon Pettiskirt" in candy & buttercup

Shown here is my newborn/infant photo "half tutu"

Custom made "Chiffon Pettiskirt" in white

Friday, August 29, 2008

"All In A Week's Work"

This past week has proven to be one of the most emotional of my life so far... my sweet son Karson started Kindergarten, my dear daughter Kassidy turned 3 years old, and my step-daughter Allison moved into her first apartment at College- she's a junior at Florida State. I was also preparing for a big vendor show and trying out some new designs. There was such a whirlwind of emotions all packed into a short period of time, that I was absolutely exhausted by the weekend, and could barely keep myself focused at my show! I never imagined my life could ever be so overwhelmingly chaotic and perfectly wonderful... all at the same time! My "babies" are growing so fast and although I am excited about the prospect of more "me time" in the near future, I am saddened by the fact that they are growing up and becoming more independent and won't need mommy nearly as much anymore-insert tears here-!

On a happier note... my son LOVES kindergarten, my vendor show was a great success (my new designs were a big hit), I am getting a ton of quality time with my daughter while her big brother is at school, and my step-daughter couldn't be happier in her new apartment (although daddy is not so happy)! I guess I couldn't ask for much more...Life is good, and I feel very lucky that my life (chaos included) is mine!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Latest Endeavor

So I decided I wanted to try my hand (and sewing skills) at making one of those amazing "Pettiskirts" that are so popular now. Well, it took me a while to work out all the kinks in the online tutorial I was following, but after reworking the measurements I was able to finish the skirt in about 6 hours. I decided that these fun, funky and totally fluffy skirts would be a great item to sell on my site, since they seem to be "all the rage" these days. It's seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on these great little bundles of twirling pleasure. I know I'm not a big name designer, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right? Each skirt will be painstakingly sewn by me in my home studio with the hopes that people will appreciate a quality hand-made item custom made especially for their little princess! Hope you like it...